17-year-old Brooklyn Rapper Found Dead Was a Hoax?

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17-year-old Brooklyn Rapper

Yesterday we posted a powerful music video by J-Jon, a 17-year-old Brooklyn-based rapper who became popular after rumors spread that he was murdered for the song’s content. However, all information about his “death” can no longer be found under major online search engines. So I took to YouTube and searched for his song “C.O.P” (Criminals With Permission), which went viral in early September, and stumbled upon the following comments about his supposed “death.”

-“I’ve tried searching it up, but no leads. There aren’t any actual credible online reports which say that he was found dead. Which leads me to believe that those are just rumors.”

-“He isn’t dead. Just some people trying to stir up shitstorms. People say he was killed like 2 weeks after this video or something, but he posted a video about Ferguson on Instagram just 3 days ago.”

-“If anyone can find any credible reports of him being found dead, please comment below.”

They’re right. J-Jon, posted the following video to his Instagram account three days ago:

C Mon wake the fuck up FERGUSOn this is what they want

A video posted by J-JON (@fx3jjon) on

In fact, he’s been posting to his Instagram account throughout November, so he’s definitely alive and well. Although it’s unclear as to who started the rumor, J-Jon is aware of the rumors and taking the situation lightly:

Frequently asked question Why are people saying your dead ? A video posted by J-JON (@fx3jjon) on

Due to high racial tensions and civil unrest following the murder of Mike Brown, Bean Soup Times apologizes for the misinformation, as well as any frustration and anger that we may have caused or contributed to readers.


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