7 Ways to Boost TV Reception with an Outdoor Antenna

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Do you want to spend quality recreation time with your family every night? Then you can do so by simply watching television together. If you’re worried about having a skyrocketing cable bill because of the recent cable company merger news, you don’t have to, since there is a great solution for that. By installing an outdoor antenna, you can cut the cost without compromising your TV reception.

Just like other people from all across the globe, you can make your switch to digital TV antennas. To help you maximize your TV viewing experience, here are seven practical ways on how you can boost your TV reception by making a few tweaks to your outdoor antenna:

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#1. Install your outdoor antenna on a high place.

Signal quality is dependent on the position of the antenna. Height is the greatest factor that affects the performance of your digital television. The higher the antenna, the better signal it receives. As such, it would be best to put the antenna on top of the roof or beside a chimney.

#2. Point the antenna to the direction of the nearest transmitter.

Do you know the location or direction of the nearest transmitter tower in your area? If you do, mount and point your antenna towards the direction of that nearby transmitter. This simple method gives you a higher chance of improving your TV reception. You’ll get to watch TV programs without those blurry images and wavy lines.

#3. Avoid installing your outdoor antenna near physical barriers.

Tall buildings and dense forests can obstruct the transmission of the signal and affect the performance of your television. You may want to position your antenna significantly higher than the tallest structure outside your house such as your chimney and roof. Try connecting it to a long pole so that it can be elevated to a better position.

#4. Observe ample space when installing multiple antennas.

Who said that you’re only allowed to install a single outdoor antenna? If you want to have a better TV viewing experience, you can install multiple antennas to receive signals from different channels. However, you have to make sure that these antennas will not interfere with each other by putting enough spaces between them.

#5. Use an antenna rotator to receive multiple signals.

Can’t find a single location for the channels that you want? Try installing an antenna rotator. It is a device that lets you control the direction of your antenna so that it points toward the location of the transmitter for the channel that you want to watch at the moment. It costs cheaper than installing a second antenna.

#6. Protect and secure your outdoor antenna to keep it in place.

Outdoor antennas are susceptible to wear and tear. Water from heavy rains can easily cause the metal to rust. Strong winds can also cause these antennas to break and fall apart. It will be helpful to build a strong support system for your antenna by attaching a guy wire or rope to the antenna pole. Keeping your antenna anchored and stabilized will help eliminate the possibility of delivering a poor TV reception.

#7. Have someone assist you.

It’s never easy to install an outdoor antenna by yourself. To ensure your safety, ask someone to hold the ladder for you or hand over the things you need. However, professional antenna technicians do not recommend performing your own outdoor antenna installation due to the plenty of risks involved such as fall accidents. Plus, there are quite a few technical things that you need to consider when installing your antenna.

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There’s the solution to your television viewing concerns. You don’t always need to rely on cable to provide you with the best TV viewing experience. Sometimes, it is good to return to the past to get ideas on how to improve your way of life – like how to properly install an outdoor antenna to get good TV reception.

Debbie Davison is a technology enthusiast who loves everything about computers and TV. She shares her expertise through writing for Australian Antennas. Follow her on Twitter: @DebbieDavison32

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