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Toure Muhammad

Writer and Digital Strategist
Muhammad is the head bean in charge (HBIC) around these parts.



Kiyona Taylor

Media Correspondent

For more than 20 years, Kiyona Taylor has used her innate ability to nurture, inspire, motivate and advise others to reach their full potential. The Chicago native is a dedicated mother of six, and loving grandmother of three and was raised on the southside.


Naimah Latif

Latif is President of Latif Communications Group, Inc., a publishing company specializing in history and sociology books used in elementary, high schools and colleges and sold to the general public. Her widely acclaimed books reach national and international audiences.


Harold Davis

radio host and entrepreneur


Dr. Chandra Gill

Dr. Gill is an award-winning Motivational Speaker and Author of: Champions Break Chains & Black Genes-Black Genius: A Motivational Handbook To Empower Black Youth. She is available for youth seminars specific to empowerment, professional development sessions and parenting workshops. For Booking:


Safiyyah Muhammad, former Final Call copy editor  studied journalism at Rust College and the University of Iowa. She resides in Chicago.


Corey Hall

He is a freelance writer based on the South side of Chicago. He is also the editor and publisher of Expressions From Englewood, an annual journal that features work from people living, working, and/or going to school in the community. He resides in Chicago.


Dr. Robert J. Muhammad

Dr. Robert J. Muhammad, a graduate of Loyola University and the National College of Naprapathic Medicine, is the founder and clinic director of Midwest Back Center of Chicago. His clinic is committed to providing cutting edge treatment to patients suffering with debilitating chronic and acute pain.


Ashahed M. Muhammad

Ashahed M. Muhammad is the executive director of the Truth Establishment Institute. His writings have appeared in numerous print and online publications globally and he is frequently called upon by radio hosts nationally for his penetrating and thorough news analysis.

Chill Muhammad

Reginald Muhammad

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