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Black America please stop whining, stop protesting in the streets, stop with the signs, pins and other paraphernalia in opposition to President Elect Trump. You want to blame someone blame yourselves and the tens of millions of Americans that elected and voted for President Obama keeping him in the White House for 8 years, historic and monumental from an inspirational and motivational perspective only. Blame the nearly 60 million Americans dominately white that voted for him instead of wicked Hillary, who at times seemed as if she was literally on her last leg.

There’s no way in hell AMERICA was going to elect it’s first Black President for two terms then follow that up with a woman and a woman who’s entire credibility and character has been shredded apart and blown to smithereens. Donald Trump represented everything that America was built on and millions of White Americans hope to return to that pre-emancipation.

Everyone that voted for him is not racist but in today’s climate that’s like saying all Arab Muslims are not terrorist or have terrorist affiliations post 9/11. For white America, for those who sleep under the blankets of freedom, who experience the essence of America’s promises, this controversial presidential election , who ran on a platform of racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia and anti-Semitism, is not the America “we know.”

For minority  communities , this election; the appointment of white nationalists into positions of power; and the looming promises of stop and frisk, deportations and racial terror are yet constant reminders of what the nation has been for centuries and will continue to be no matter tax bracket you fall into.

Wake Up, while an immediate threat to communities of color, LGBTQ communities, women, Jews, the environment, democracy and justice, Trump is nothing new. As recently noted by Wanda Sykes in front of a jeering crowd, “This is not the first time we’ve elected a racist, sexist, homophobic president. He ain’t the first one. He’s just the first confirmed one; that’s it.” David J. Leonard writes.

Blacks are indeed acting as if  Trump will be the first tyrant, racist, and sexist commander-in-chief of this country. He’s another in a very long line of them. Blacks act as if Reagan, L.B.Johnson, The Bushes and other racist presidents never existed and that he’s something new and foreign. Wake Up and get out of your emotions right now and UNITE OR DIE!!!

These turn of events should force Blacks, Whites, Brown, and Yellow to work together in unity and form an unbreakable alliance to represent all of the despised and rejected. Stop whining and get yourselves together and work on behalf of the people to make a real difference and bring about real change. Build communities, build businesses, police your own communities and protect those that you love and hold dear with everything that you have.

Obama didn’t bring you real change he brought you the ideology of change. Hillary damn sure wasn’t going to bring us no damn change period. The democrats didn’t lose this election for Hillary, the entertainers didn’t lose this election for Hillary, this election was lost 8 years ago and 4 years ago when Obama was elected then re-elected. White America has spoken loudly and proudly, this isn’t one of them foreign third world countries this is America love it or hate it the majority has spoken clearly.

What I’m not hearing from no one other than The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is (GOD) ALMIGHTY. This country likes to totally leave (GOD) out of the equation until it benefits them in some way shape or form. No matter what happens in front of us or around us we can not escape the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran, never.

The facts state that post election  hate crimes have surged along with growing Islamophobia and blatant anti-semitism. Barack  Obama is still president of the United States for two more months. A post election black-and-white public alliance with Trump and a sprinkle of platitudes are not going to quell  wide spread fear, riots, protests and racial violence. He needs to speak firmly on the state of the nation and challenge Trump to do the same before he takes the oath of office especially since Trump is proclaiming he will be the President of all of the people.

I understand that President Obama is a black man, and there is not a black person in this country who hasn’t had the denigrating experience of having to mentor or train a less qualified white person who may one day take his or her job. I also understand that, as a patriot and a traditionalist, Obama realizes that attacking Trump’s behavior and policies after the election is a violation of precedent and protocol. However, Trump is not a traditional president-elect. Trump isn’t an ordinary figure even minus the election win.

Trump is the same one that has publicly ridiculed and attacked Obama for nearly the entire past 8 years and now Obama has to take a cursing and give back a blessing in a sense, one of the mantras of the Nation Of Islam, how ironic. He’s faced with the task of turning over the reigns of this country’s highest office to a man that has done nothing but speak all manners of evil against him personally and politically. What these past 8 years should have shown Obama and his family is that you can hold the highest and most powerful seat in the land along with being rich etc. but at the end of the day if your black your’re still a nigger to them always and forever.

No president in history has been mocked and ridiculed as much as Obama and his wife. Other politicians and public officials openly disrespect his wife at every turn who turned out to be an excellent First Lady and that’s totally unacceptable. Let the same dispicable critics degrade Trump’s wife in that way and watch what the consequences will be. Trump and his administration will not tolerate any disrespect of his wife and family without consequences and repercussions you can believe that.

It’s definitely time for this country to unite and work together. I’ve seen some things during my blessed lifetime on this earth and in this great country of ours but I’ve never witnessed the great racial divide as overtly as it is now.

We are in the midst of some very serious times and the constitution is basically being challenged with all of this anti-Trump, remove Trump rhetoric no matter how sincere and valid it may be. Wake Up my people at the end of the day the majority has spoken and it’s not a single damn thing anyone can do about it in reference to him not assuming office come January 20, 2017.

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