Black Business School Courses Taught by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Dr. Boyce Watkins wants to give information, insights and perspectives that allow you to broaden your thinking and to realize all that is possible.  He earned a PhD in Finance, which he obtained from The Ohio State University. He earned his masters degrees in Mathematics and Statistics, from The University of Kentucky. Furthermore, he also received BA and BS degrees with a triple major in Finance, Economics and Business Management from The University of Kentucky.

Dr. Watkins has been on the faculty at Syracuse University since 2001. He has also taught classes at The University of Rochester, The Ohio State University, Indiana University and The University of Kentucky.  He’s been teaching at the college level since I was 22 years old, and have mostly taught classes in Mathematics, Economics, Statistics and Finance.

Additionally, he authored the following books:
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about College
What if George Bush were a Black Man?
Financial Lovemaking 101: Merging Assets with Your Partner in Ways that Feel Good
Black American Money

Finally, he is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition, an organization and independent media outlet with over half a million subscribers worldwide.

What You Will Learn in The Black Wealth Bootcamp

How to fire your boss and get off the corporate plantation.
Financial habits you need to let go of right now.
Measuring your EEV (Economic Escape Velocity).
How people make money on the Internet.
How family structure is the key to building generational wealth.
How anyone can own a piece of America.
How to build your own Black Wall Street.
The COST model of Cooperative Economics.


Business Education For Black Youth

One of the most critical factors in developing generational wealth is culture. When a community’s culture is conducive to the creation of productive financial habits, people tend to make better decisions, control their own destinies and raise children who are highly-empowered to be successful.

American public schools do not teach children even the most basic financial literacy, and this can lead to a lifetime of problems, including consistent unemployment, chronic amounts of debt, overspending, poverty and ongoing economic despair.

But these problems can be prevented by getting your child started early on the path to understanding money and investing, gaining a set of tools that will serve as the economic fuel for an empowered and liberated existence.

This course, led by Finance professor Dr Boyce Watkins, gives your child a chance to have a real college experience.

Dr Watkins explains numerous concepts in steady language that a child of any age can understand. By watching these videos along with your child, you will both get to hear America’s leading Finance scholar provide the blueprint for an economically prosperous existence.

 After you watch the videos, Dr Watkins provides a series of self-study quizzes that will allow you to test your child to ensure that they’ve memorized the concepts from the course. 

One of the reasons for the wealth gap between the rich and the poor is very simple, and is consistently verified by scientific research: Wealthy people invest in the stock market, while middle class and poor people do not. So, the gap in wealth is also sustained by a gap in self-perception as well as a gap in strategy.

Black children are better prepared for the next generation if they are versed in the very basics of stock market investing and are equipped with the fundamental tools to seamlessly buy and sell shares without feeling the same hesitation that may have been felt by those of us who were raised to believe that the stock market is a place for rich people.

This isn’t true, since many shares of stock cost less than a pair of shoes. Our kids buy shoes all the time. So, teaching them to buy a share of stock is just as easy. In this course, we cover many of the fundamentals of stock market investing, explaining not only how to buy and sell shares of stock, but also the factors that move stock prices, as well as key terminology that is consistently used by those in the investment community.

 After your child completes this course, they will be well on their way to having a level of financial savvy that will make you proud and also heighten their self-esteem.  

We even take them on a virtual field trip where they can learn how to buy their first share of stock. Let’s get started on this journey together.

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The Black Millionaires of Tomorrow program was developed by Finance professor Dr Boyce Watkins. According to Dr Watkins, the key to black economic empowerment is for us to commit to creating an army of intelligent and empowered young black people, all of whom are armed with an understanding of basic financial literacy, wealth building and cooperative economics. B

y signing up for this course, you get full access to all three of the courses in The Black Millionaires of Tomorrow program, including the following:

15 things every black child needs to know about MONEY
15 things every black child needs to know about INVESTING
15 things every black child needs to know about THE STOCK MARKET
This course gives your child access to all three classes, which include 15 lessons with self-study examinations for each module. Purchasing the package all at once allows for a steeply discounted price relative to the cost of buying each course individually.

These courses cover the following concepts, along with many others:

The difference between a producer and a consumer
The COST model of cooperative economics
How to buy your first share of stock
What it means to diversify a portfolio
The difference between a bull and bear market
What is an investment?
What is an asset class?
What is a mortgage?
The difference between good and bad debt Much, much more.

Taught by America’s leading Financial scholar, Dr Boyce Watkins, the course GUARANTEES that after finishing, your child will have a financial literacy level which exceeds that of the average college student.

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