Black Millennial Teaches Confidence Building Through Hair and Lashes

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CHICAGO–The eyes are a powerful nonverbal form of communication that women have used to send countless messages for thousands of years. With so much at stake, a woman’s lash game needs to be on point. That’s where Chelsea Bell, a Chicago-based master lash artist comes in.

Striving for excellence is something that comes natural to Bell. Master Lash Artist is a title she wears both with pride and humility. “Being a master lash artist means I’m at the top of my game; that I’ve reached a standard thru sacrificing money for education and committing the time to be the best,” she explained.

Bell is a proud graduate of Mississippi State University Bachelor of Fine Arts with emphasis in Graphic Design. She has been doing lashes for nearly three years and has been recognized as a master for the past eight months. “It’s a bunch of classes you have to take that include classic lash artistry, volume lash artistry, and more.”

This Black millennial has found her passion. With a combined love of art, fashion, beauty and people is making a name for herself in a part of the beauty industry and in a city that few Black women excel in. That why she’s concerned that women often pay for mediocre work.

“Some people throw the title of master in front of their name prematurely. But to be a master, a lash technician must take the time and money and have the work ethic to complete a formal advanced training program.

Once complete, the lash technician will have learned advanced techniques and skills. Then, they will be judged by an approved training facility, she explained. “You should be able to wear your lashes to bed, get up and look ready. Unfortunately, too many technicians give their clients a half lash job. It’s not right.”

Know the difference: False eyelashes and eyelash extensions are not the same. One can use Falsies for one day, but lash extensions are semi-permnanent, lasting “up to 12 weeks”. For a visual, go to

The effects of having a poor lash technicians can lead to cornea or eyelid infections, swollen eyelids, temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes.

To make sure that other lash enthusiast learn properly, Bell actually teaches classes on lash application too.

Bell loves to discuss empowerment with her clients. She often shares the story of why she wears a low cut. After a childhood incident that left her with a form of alopecia, she decided a few years ago to ditch the wigs and weaves and embrace the beauty that rested under all the covers. “It’s too many women out here to who don’t love themselves. They don’t know their worth.”

Continuing here pursuit of excellence, Bell also leads a yoga class weekly and is working on getting her esthetician credentials as well. “When dealing with various skin types, especially so close to the eyes, a lash technician must understand how to deal with various situations,” she added.

Bell is the CEO of Sasss Beauty which offers lash extensions, lash maintenance and brow services. She also offers lessons for aspiring lash technicians. For more information go to You can check her out on Instagram @imchelseabell.

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