Black Woman Says it’s Time to Eat Moore Cakes!

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We had a chance to connect with a phenomenal business owner who specializes in making cakes for your special occasions. You know we love to showcase people in business doing great business and La Trecia Moore-Jernigan, owner of Eat Moore Cakes is someone you should know about.

What type of cakes do you specialize in?
Eat Moore Cakes Specializes in custom made –to- order designer cakes for all occasions. Many of our customers also request cakes that they can not find in stores, for instance our famous Pink champagne cake or a gum drop cake. With our 24 hour online ordering and our quick email response we make it easy to place an order for a special cake without ever stepping a foot out the house. For those individuals that want to meet us, and also love to taste cake, we offer cake tasting in our store 937 S Hamilton Lockport Illinois by appointment.


How long have you been in business?
Eat Moore Cakes has been in business six wonderful years and two years at our location in Lockport. We started our first years designing and consulting about cake and from there, growing every year.

What inspired you to start this type of business?
My inspiration came from the love of art, chemistry, and culture. I love art!  I love the smell the touch and the design of art and the many expressions it provides. So I used my art talent, adapted from my father, to express myself on and in cake. My love for formulas, mixing and Chemistry plays a big roll in making sure I have an excellent tasting formulated cake as well as a moist cake. Of course many of the recipes I use now are recipes passed down to me from my grandmother. 


Are you a baker first artist second or vice versa?
I am an artist first and a baker first. I know that really doesn’t answer the question, but my passion is Art but my obligation to my clients puts me as a baker first. I have an obligation to give them the best tasting moist cake they have ever tasted. However IF I had to choose it would be that I am an artist first because I already know my cakes are the best.

Your designs are awesome. What type of design can’t you do? LOL
I don’t ever want to say I can’t do anything, what I will say; the designs that are challenging to me are human facial features in and on cake. Also custom cakes that are longer than 6 feet tall or 6 feet wide. Those types of cakes tend to be very heavy and time consuming but again not impossible to make.

What excites you most about owning your own business?
Everything excites me about owning my own business, however the first three things that comes to mind is the people that I meet everyday from my promoters/ Marketers & Sparks Marketing company to everyone that believes and supports Eat Moore Cakes, second the expressions on my customers faces when they see there cake for the first time; third walking into my store and feeling good about my accomplishment and the hard work I put into something and seeing it flourish; All because of my God given talent –that’s a wonderful feeling that no one can ever take from me.

What has been one of the most memorable things a customer has said to you?
The most memorable thing a customer said was Eat Moore Cakes, with your donation, help make it possible for five homeless families to afford housing for eight months each. Eat Moore Cakes provided 250 cakes along with goodie bags, 3 auction certificates, which raised $6,000, and a display cake for auction which raised $3,000.00 and that makes me feel good every time I think about it.

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