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Dedication in commemoration of Dr. Webb Evans, Founder/President of United American Progress Association (UAPA)

CHICAGO, IL (November14, 2016) – Commemorating the accomplishments of African American community leaders and their progress to bring about economic change in the inner-city communities, Project 5000 Chicago dedicates its Grand Opening of their facility BOP Business Center Chatham Suites, November 18, to Dr. Webb Evans. As Founder and past President of the United American Progress Association, Dr. Evans, also fondly known as “Mr. Buy Black”, led the charge in establishing the African American dollar as indispensable.

Thus, building sustainable communities and economic growth fostering generational wealth. Project 5000 opens its doors to the community adopting Dr. Evans’ principals, “Buy Black, Love Black and Give Black”, to solidify the African American socioeconomic well-being.

Project 5000 Chicago focuses on economic development strategies that seek to create jobs and business endeavors for people who live in underserved urban communities. Using Chicago as the city for their business model, Project 5000 Chicago’s initiative is to create 5,000 new homeowners, investors and business owners that will revitalize the community by bringing new jobs and wealth to the city and surrounding areas.

The BOP Business Center Chatham Suites, located 642 – 644 E. 79th St., is designed for business owners who desire to work in a professional office environment and the community, on a membership bases, to gain access to valuable business resources, job training and workshops.

To learn more about Project 5000 Chicago please visit website.

Project 5000: The Mission of Project 5000 is to create jobs and opportunity for underserved urban communities who are in desperate need of socio-economic and political change. The ultimate goal is to create a sustainable future for urban communities by using home ownership as the key to stabilization and the revitalization of both people and resources. The purpose is to restore hope and inspire positive change by unifying community residents around home ownership, self-development and activism.

Dr. Webb Evans: Dr. Evans believed and worked diligently to promote economic growth within the African American community for more than 50 years. His work is recognized in the State of Illinois by Resolution HB0608, by the 99th General Assembly (submitted by State Rep LaShawn K. Ford 8th District) in 2015 designating the month of August as “Buy Black, Love Black and Give Black” in the State of Illinois.

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