Candiate for Dolton Mayor Says Village is Being Mismanaged

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Duane Muhammad is holding Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Finances

(Dolton, Ill) Dolton Mayoral Candidate Duane Muhammad is holding a town hall meeting to discuss the current financial status of the village on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at the Dolton Bowl, 1401 E. Sibley Blvd., from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

As a trustee, he was surprised when the incumbent mayor announced using the village’s Rainy Day Fund to pay bills at a board meeting last month.

“Last year, we agreed to borrow $2.7 million for a Rainy Day Fund in an effort to repair Dolton’s credit rating and put the village on a firm financial footing,” explains Muhammad. In one year, the money is gone.”

Muhammad says the village still owes $850,000 for defaulting on a recent bond payment and is $1 million in the hole from a lack of revenue from real estate taxes.

“All this borrowing Peter to pay Paul is not good management. Dolton’s economy is broken and no amount of smoke and mirrors can hide the fact that our bills are more than our income.”

Three trustee candidates, who are running with him in his campaign to become Dolton’s next mayor, will duanemuhammad 16708312_1443218505697918_90852038863648491_njoin Muhammad. They are Mary Avent, a decorated retired Chicago police officer and security expert; Felita Crayton, who was Dolton’s first African American Parent Teacher Association president; and Stanford Culp, a self-employed designer and distributor of various packaging and shipping supply items for more than 20 years.


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