Car Burglaries, Jackings Rise on North side and Suburbs of Chicago

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Recents reports reflect dangerous growing trend

Could Crime Become Evenly Distributed Throughout Chicago areas Soon?

Should Black and Latino Neighborhoods Watch and Duplicate How Police and Community Respond?


From a car jacking in Wicker Park last night to violence in River North (a white male savagely punches an unarmed Black female security officer) to car burglaries in the suburbs, there seems to be an increase in crime in areas of the city and suburbs not accustomed to such activity.

According to news reports, car burglaries in several of Chicago’s suburbs have drastically risen within the past two weeks.

In Wheaton, police say there were 30 incidents on Tuesday night alone. Glen Ellyn police are warning residents after a dozen vehicles were broken into within the past two weeks–with two cars stolen. Police say similar incidents have happened in Lombard and Clarendon Hills, with a common theme. Police are warning resident to lock their doors and hide valuables that would attract would-be criminals.
“[Some car owners] leave the cars open. Sometimes the car is on, they don’t turn it off,” Jessica Diaz, a Glen Ellyn resident, told NBC 5.

They must be FBI agents.

A man and woman were carjacked at gunpoint Friday in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood—and the pistol-packing thieves were caught on video. The guy almost ran off and left the woman. (see below)

Leaders on the south and west side of Chicago should watch closely how these issues will be addressed up North and in the Suburbs to see which tactics can be duplicated in Black communities.’s goal is to entertain, educate and empower. We believe we must control our own narratives. If you agree, we encourage you to share. 

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