Is Discrimination An Issue In Your Workplace?

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Workplace discrimination is a serious issue with wide-reaching implications. Many people feel that biases from employers limit their job opportunities. Discrimination can also happen within the workplace. People might be denied a promotion due to particular characteristics. Bullying can also take place. These cases of discrimination can take many forms- age, gender, religion. But one of the most pressing issues is discrimination based on race.

Research in the UK found that Muslim men were 76% less likely to have a job compared to white, Christian men with the same qualifications. Black Christians were also 54% less likely to get hired.

The issue stems beyond the United Kingdom. Statistics from Pew Social Trends show that many black people in the U.S. feel workplace discrimination is an issue. In fact, 64% of black adults in their survey believed whites are treated more fairly than blacks in the workplace.

Although there are laws in place to tackle the problem, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed by many. Employees need to be wary of any form of workplace discrimination. Business owners also need to heed mind. While you might not discriminate yourself, these problems can still develop between employees. There are also services intended to help people with cases of discrimination, which everyone should be informed of.

Avoid Workplace Discrimination As A Business Owner

Business owners need to be especially wary of any form of discrimination. Employees who feel discriminated against might quit. You may also be liable for legal action if your workplace doesn’t promote an equal environment.

A Human Resources department is vital for avoiding these cases. Having HR reps who your employees can go to if they experience discrimination can help nip the issue in the bud. You can weed out negative employees and bullies and keep your workplace positive.

You might want to call an HR consultant service for help with this. HR consultants can give you advice on how to prevent discrimination. You can often also get training for your Human Resources staff for these kinds of services.

Keep in mind that you can be guilty of discrimination without realising. You may be indirectly at fault by giving one group more advantages than another. Cases can include things such as overlooking a qualified employee, who you give promotions to, and who you decide to make redundant.

It’s essential that you make your staff aware of these issues. Ensure you follow laws and regulations and implement a fair treatment policy in your workplace. Your management staff, in particular, needs to be sensitive to these issues. Workers should also know who to talk to in cases of bullying and discrimination.

Discrimination In The Hiring Process

There are more university-educated black professionals today than ever before. But for those trying to advance their career, there may be a hurdle in the employment process.

Employers might ask unnecessary questions in the interview. For example, they might ask if you’re planning to have children. This information being used against you in the hiring process can put them at fault. But with more subtle forms of discrimination, such as racial discrimination, it can be hard to determine.

There are institutions which allow you to take action if you feel you’ve experienced discrimination in the hiring process. You might want to take the issue to a lawyer if you feel there’s solid proof. Keep in mind UK businesses register with the Equality Commission, which aims to prevent discrimination.

It can be a difficult situation if you feel you haven’t been hired due to discrimination. Often, there’s no way to know for sure, let alone prove it. It’s best to apply to as many positions as possible when seeking jobs.

Employees Facing Discrimination

If you experience discrimination or harassment in your workplace, it’s important you take action. First and foremost, you should raise the issue to your HR department. They can make a written report and investigate the issue. Alternatively, bring it up to your employer. These measures will result in disciplinary action against the offending party.

If you feel as though no action is being taken against the issue, you can also take it to court. Getting harassed at work can reduce your productivity. Discrimination against employees can result in lesser job and promotional prospects or lower pay. These issues will be taken seriously by the courts, so consult with a discrimination lawyer if you have a case.

It’s important not to let the issue carry on. Many employees leave workplaces where they don’t feel comfortable. It can look bad on your CV if you can’t explain or prove the issue. Take action at the first sign of discrimination.

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