Why One NFL Boycotting Black Man Does not Stand With Kaepernick

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Originally posted on the Talib Muhammad’s Facebook page:

By Talib Todd Hill Muhammad

Today, I boycotted the NFL. In fact today marked the 18,005th day that I haven’t attended an NFL game, purchased NFL merchandise of ANY kind, subscribed to Sunday ticket or given my money in any way to the National Football League (minus that $5 I gave to Family Night about 10 years ago).

Why, you ask have I been boycotting financially supporting the NFL for so long? I’ll tell you. The NFL like most professional sports organizations are racist and riddled with white supremacy. They have for decades treated our athletes as 2nd and 3rd class citizens. Even in the midst of makiing millions for some of our athletes, retaining dignity is hard pressed in professional sports if you are a black man.

The NFL has been worse than most as they employ over 70% Black men and have the worst representation in management level positions at less than 10%. No guaranteed contracts. Additionally they have absolutely no Black majority or minority ownership. So basically Black men simply make up the workforce of this multi-billion dollar industry. So…because of this and other outlandish treatment, I have been boycotting the NFL. And will continue to do so until we start to realize our collective power to create our own.
Oh you thought this was a Colin Kaepernick post…well it is.

Don’t Be Alarmed, but as unbelievable as it may sound, I do NOT stand with Colin Kaepernick…
(this is a bit more of a read, so bear with me…but what else is new). I’m long windeded(no mispell).

Over the past several months since Colin Kaepernick(Kap) was released by the 49’ers there’s been this ongoing debate over him not being signed or given a legitimate offer by any NFL team. This decision by the NFL and its franchise owners has surfaced many emotions by fans and franchises alike….from outrage, anger, elation, concern, worry, joy and frustration from both Kap supporters and detractors.

I have been asked on a number of occasions; What is my stance on the matter? Is he being ostracized, discriminated against, should he have a job in the NFL etc.? And most recently there has been a mounting concern as to why Kap has not spoken on the matter. Here we are black, brown…and white fans all over the country threatening a boycott of the NFL on several different platforms all in support of Kap getting a fair opportunity to play and compete for a job in the sport he has dedicated his life to. Here we are giving up our comfortable, leisurely Sunday after church/mosque afternoons and post work Monday nights and an occasional Thursday to now focus on other tasks at hand all for a brother that has said not one word about his own fate. How can he be so irresponsible and unresponsive?


But Kap has spoken. He did it last year when he took a knee. He did it when he donated that money to Somalia. He did it when he donated 1M to charities. He did it when he spoke out about America’s lackadaisical attitude towards the deaths of unarmed black men and women in America. If we watch closely he has spoken loud and clear. The decision to boycott the NFL is solely the decisions of fans and the public feeling this is about a job. This ain’t even about the NFL, which has several legitimate reasons we should boycott long before this controversy that I listed above.

Add to it their willful ostracizing and discriminating against Kap because of his stance, his color and the thousands of obviously racist fans who believe he has stepped out of his place and you got 1 Uppity Negro who feels he’s too good to follow the rules, too good to bail that cotton, too good to take that whip..and you know what?? He is.

But still this is not about the travesty that is the NFL and the tons of reasons to to boycott it. This is about the hundreds of unarmed Black men and women that have been killed and are going to be killed by police authority. He took a knee to bring attention and awareness to that…and we talking about a damn job.

I’m not divisive in my words. I support everyone’s right and decision to boycott or protest in any way they see fit. Some people separating themselves from this blatant racist organization is the most revolutionary thing they’ve ever done and it should be celebrated. Either way, we have to maintain a cohesive understanding of what it means to protest and stay unified. The NFL can not have my money. That didn’t just start today, that started 18,005 days ago…except for that $5 of course.

So what is my stance on this issue? Do I stand with Kap? Do I support the cause? Let me be clear, I do NOT stand with Colin Kaepernick………..I kneel with him. Uhuru!!

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