Embrace the Cold: # Extreme Winter Sports to Adopt

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Extreme Winter Sports

Are you looking for a fun way to warm in the cold weather? You will be glad to know there are many sporting activities to try that will boost your adrenaline while allowing you to embrace the cold. Check out the seven best extreme winter sports to adopt.

  1. Cross-Country Skiing

Have a little fun in the great outdoors while working every muscle in your body with cross-country skiing. Not only will the sport challenge your cardiovascular system, but it will also test your endurance, balance, and flexibility. Yet, there is nothing quite like taking to the snow to have a little fun, boost your physical fitness and burn up to 600 calories.

  1. Downhill Skiing

Master the slopes with downhill skiing. While it often only takes a few minutes to complete, you can trust the activity will require you to use every muscle in your body, such as calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, feet, and hips. The intense, adrenaline-filled exercise will also help to improve your body’s agility, balance, and flexibility, while increasing both your leg and core strength. As downhill skiing requires a quick burst of energy, you can guarantee this is one activity that will make your heart race, so it is a healthy cardiovascular exercise.

  1. Snowboarding

Do you class yourself as a thrill seeker? You will love nothing more than snowboarding. Those with a need for speed will love gliding down a mountain on a snowboard, which will require you to use both your core and leg muscles to steer and balance yourself along the slopes. Yet, adrenaline junkies will need both agility and flexibility to become a successful snowboarder. You never know, it could soon be you participating in the Oakley Roof Battle.

It is an action-packed winter sport that will allow to burn between 250 to 630 calories per hour. However, don’t be tempted to spend too long on the slopes, as it is easy to suffer from fatigue or injuries when you are having too much fun with the winter sport.

  1. Ice Skating

Do you envy the skating flair of Tourville and Dean? Winter will provide the perfect opportunity to grab your skates and take to an ice rink to perfect your skating style. You can choose between different forms of ice skating: speed skating or coasting. Either way, both are a great cardiovascular exercise that will work your abdominal muscles, lower back and leg muscles. What’s more, it can increase your endurance levels, balance, flexibility, and agility.

  1. Snow Kayaking

Do you not want to put your kayak away during colder temperatures? Well, you might not have to. Snow kayaking allows you to hit the slopes to paddle your way down the terrain, which is similar to frozen rapids. Yet, it is an incredibly challenging sport, which is why most ski resorts do not allow kayaks. So, you will need to find an instructor who is happy to teach you in the backcountry, as you can start the sport on a wide-open hill with no obstructions.

  1. Ice Climbing

Those looking for a big challenge this winter should consider ice climbing, as this is one winter sport that is not for the faint-hearted. You will have to use all the strength in your body to climb your way up a frozen waterfall, and you will need a good guide and the right equipment to do safely. For instance, you will need mountaineering boots, a helmet, two ice axes, and crampons. You will more than likely be connected to your guard with a rope attached to a harness around your waste, known as belaying, so you will not have to worry about falling.

  1. Ice Hockey

Nothing quite beats a game of ice hockey during the winter months. The sport provides so much more than a physical challenge, as it is built on camaraderie with your players. It will also challenge your abdominal muscles and lower body, while exercising your cardiovascular system. Not only that, but you will need to use your upper body to use the hockey stick. Once you have mastered the game and built up your knowledge, you can make an informed decision with winter sports betting on Betway. Embrace your sporting passion in every form!

Do you have a favorite winter sport? Tried any of the above activities? Share your stories and tips by writing a comment below.

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