Fashion Model Rebekah Wilson Reveals What Makes Her Black Beautiful

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Meet Rebekah Wilson, a Chicago native who has been making a name for herself in the highly competitive world of fashion modeling. She recently won the Surround Sound of Fashion Model Competition and has appeared in various news segments modeling some of Chicago’s popular designers such as DuVall, Akira, and Barbara Bates.

What motivated you to start modeling?
My love for beauty, fashion and the camera motivated me to start modeling. It was one of the only things in my life I could invision myself doing without growing bored or feeling like I am “working” for compensation. Also, I’ve always been curious to see myself the way others do and I’ve always felt like seeing printed images of myself satisfied my curiousity.

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Do you have any role models?
I have several role models to date. However, the biggest influence on my life was my Grandmother. She was a woman of beauty, strength, grace and integrity. She passed away last April at the ripe age of 92. I miss her dearly, GOD rest her soul…



One of your pics has the words “black is beautiful.” What makes YOUR Black beautiful?
My black is beautiful because of my genuine love and compassion for people. I’ve been told by many that my beauty comes from within, and because of that I have the ability relate to people of all races. As a BLACK woman, that’s a beautiful thing.

What’s it like working in the modeling industry in Chicago?
Working in the modeling industry in Chicago has been such a joy for me. Most people may find this hard to believe but, I’ve experienced some of the most supportive people in the Chicago industry. Everyone from other models, designers, promoters, photographers, etc… We kinda all stick together (from my experience).

This photo was taken at the historic Drake hotel in downtown Chicago during an afternoon tea party which featured designs by Chicago's own Barbara Bates. This was not a traditional fashion show. Rebekah, along with the other models walked through the dining area and interacted with audience instead of on a runway.

This photo was taken at the historic Drake hotel in downtown Chicago during an afternoon tea party which featured designs by Chicago’s own Barbara Bates. This was not a traditional fashion show. Rebekah, along with the other models walked through the dining area and interacted with audience instead of on a runway.

Tell me about this photo (above)
This photo was taken while I was performing as a live in-store model at the fabulous “Kham’ryn B. Shoes” fashion boutique located in Chicago’s south side. Twice a year the owners will showcase the latest Spring and Fall fashions to be sold in the store i.e. exclusive clothing by Chicago based designers like Suzette Opara of “828 Collections” and Glenn DuVall of “H.O.D. Collections”. Also, shoes by the famous Jeffery Campbell, Jessica Simpson, Sam Edelman etc. This was my mannequin pose. LOL!What other talents do have?

Some people know this about me and some don’t but I love music and can sing. I’ve always dreamed of being a singer but was always super shy as a child. I’m also a very talented hair care professional. I don’t refer to myself as a hair stylist because I do more than just “style” hair, I also maintain healthy hair.

What makes you smile?
Genuine acts of love and kindness make me smile. The meer thought of my Granny, family, and friends makes me smile. My kids Sheba & Prince (Cat & Dog) make me smile. When I check my FB and Twitter pages and see all the love and support I get from both strangers and close friends, that makes my heart flutter with joy. This is random but, shoes, shoes and more shoes definitely make me smile and last but not least a beautiful sunny day makes me smile. I’m a pretty simple girl, its the little things in life that mean the most to me.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself as not only a successful commercial print model in 5 years but also as well known television personality, spokesperson/brand ambassador for some huge brands and possibly a recording artist.

What has been your most rewarding accomplishment thus far?
The past year and a half has been pretty amazing for me. I’ve had quite a few great things happen… It’s hard to pin point just one so I’ll name a few. Last July I was afforded the opportunity to sing lead with a band and open the Dave Matthews Caravan show. My first time entering a model competiton this past December, I won and was named Surround Sound of Fashion 2012 Reggae Sumfest Spokesperson (a star studded annual event that takes place in Montego Bay). February 2012 I was asked to walk in the NYC Fashion Week show “Emerge” for 2 well known Chicago based designers (Barbara Bates & Michael Alan Stein). Not long after that I entered the Seagram’s Calendar model search competiton and won. All those experiences where incredibly rewarding which is why I cant just name one.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
In 10 years I see myself married, well established and settled into my career and financially free with a child or two on the way.

Where do you see yourself tomorrow?
Tomorrow I see myself at the gym!!! LOL! Honestly tomorrow isn’t promised however, I see myself being open and ready to take on whatever challenges, blessings, opportunties etc. that life has for me.

What tips and advice would you give to yourself five years ago about the business of modeling knowing what you know now?
I would advise myself that I am my own worst cridict, to stop doubting my possibilites and to stop being afraid of rejection. I would also tell myself that in 5 years the modeling industry is gonna take a turn that’s gonna work in my favor regarding the overall appearance of models today. Lastly, I would tell myself to trust GOD because he knows the desires of my heart and he will fulfill those desires in his time. Patience has definitely been virtuous.

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