Lisa R. Jenkins Shares How She Overcame Feeling Unloved By Her Mother

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Chicago native and communications professional Lisa R. Jenkins has written A Mother’s Love through a Broken Heart, How One Woman Loved Her Daughter the Way She Wanted to Be Loved by Her Own Mother, which will be published by in July 2017.

A Mother’s Love shares a type of pain that never really goes away but just changes over the years. “Not having something that every child deserves and needs – the unconditional love of my mother – has left me with a heartache that may never fully heal, no matter how much I tell myself and others that I am over it,” said self-published author and public relations consultant Lisa R. Jenkins. “In my book I share some of the things I did with my daughter that I wish would have been done with me when I was growing up.”

Jenkins was inspired to write this booklet by someone near and dear to her heart, her godmother. Her godmother knew that detailing exactly how Jenkins was able to look past her personal hurt to love her own daughter despite not having a first-hand example of good parenting was desperately needed. Toxic relationships such as these happen much too often within families. “Hurt people, hurt people. Most times when parents have difficult relationships with their children it’s because they didn’t have good relationships with their own parent(s). But that is no excuse for mistreating their own. The cycle must be broken,” she said.

Extremely personal and matter-of-fact information is shared in A Mother’s Love to show parents and children alike that they are not alone. Jenkins finds strength and healing in sharing her story with the world. By reading this book, women will learn how one woman was able to end the cycle of dysfunction. She was not close to her own mother but realized before becoming a parent herself that that did not have to be the story of her relationship with her own daughter. “When I was being wheeled into the delivery room almost 23 years ago, I promised her from my soul that she would never feel that kind of pain,” Jenkins added.

The book, “A Mother’s Love through a Broken Heart, How One Woman Loved Her Daughter the Way She Wanted to Be Loved by Her Own Mother,” will be available for purchase at and

To connect with Jenkins, please visit her Facebook page at, at Twitter at @amotherslovee1, or by email at [email protected].

About Lisa R. Jenkins

Lisa R. Jenkins is the founder of KRA Communications, a Chicago-based PR Firm, a freelance news reporter, and a self-published author. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she got her start in the communications world when she joined the Gazette Chicago in 2004. Lisa holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Chicago State University, and is currently pursuing a professional studies certificate in public relations from Loyola University Chicago.

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