Five Amazing Black-Owned Bakeries in Chicago Area

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Simply put, a bakery is a place where baked goods are made. A more complex definition involves your senses and memories. It’s an aroma that reminds you of family. And when it comes to quick treats to specialty cakes for birthdays, weddings and more, there is no need to get some generic, prepackaged big store cake when you can have something from one of these incredible Black owned Chicago area outlets.

I have eaten baked goods from each of these locations and they get the Bean Soup Times seal of approval. And not only will you get an excellent product, but you are helping the local economy and supporting business that create jobs in the community. And all of them are part of our list of 105 Black-owned Restaurant and Eateries in the Chicago area.


Celebrating 10 years in business, Brown Sugar Bakery is the spot! The flavors, the smells, the cozy ambiance and friendly staff make this a great spot to stop in for a slice of cake or one of the giant cupcakes. If you need a specialty cake of the holidays or special event, they will create something pretty and delicious. You can always count on the baked goods tasting just as you remembered the last time you visited. The Bakery is really a hub for activity and has been the scene of live radio broadcasts, featured in local, indie films and you never know who you’ll run into when you stop by. The owner, Stephanie Hart, loves to produce new treats, but her caramel cake, is her signature cake that everyone loves. When you experience her treats, she wants to remind you of home. Brown Sugar Bakery–321 E. 75th St. Chicago, IL 773-224-6262


If you live in Chicago, you’ve seen Angelica’s Bakery products hitting you right in the face when you walk in Jewels Osco grocery store. If you have to buy from the grocery, her cakes are a good choice, but you can also stop by one of their two Chicago area locations as well. Angelicas Bakery opened its first location in the suburbs of Chicago nearly 25 years ago. Today the original recipes of cakes, cobblers and puddings are made the same as they were many generations ago and can be found on the southside of Chicago as well. Friends and family all around the world are now able to enjoy the delicious treats and good feelings that each Angelicas dessert brings via their glass jar delivery system. Angelica’s Bakery, 17535 South Kedzie, Hazel Crest, IL; 1517 East 87th Street, Chicago, IL; (708) 206-0970


Located in Chicago’s Bronzeville community, Abundance Bakery has been serving the community since the 1990s. Owned by William Ball, the bakery has built a strong following and reputation for great morning treats which include huge, bigger-than-your-hand apple fritters and upside down caramel cupcakes. You can also get a pretty big donut and they do specialty cakes as well. Abundance Bakery– 105 E 47th St. Chicago, IL, 773-373-1971.

Gilliard & Sons


FAABE Cupcakes (pronounced FAB, as in fabulous) is a cupcake shop and bakery offering handcrafted baked goods from the finest ingredients including sweet cream butter, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, real vanilla, fresh bananas, sweet potatoes and carrots, real strawberries and natural citrus zests ran by Kenya Posley, its founder and pastry chef. Topped with fresh made icings in a wide variety of flavors and themes, the pastries are fast becoming a Chicago area favorite. Not only do they offer custom cakes and catering, but on Saturdays, they offer select flavors in jars as well. FAABE offers soul-food inspired flavors such as Banana Pudding, Sweet Potato, Turtle, Dutch Apple and Strawberry Cheesecake. She recently released a strawberry crunch flavor. FAABE Cupcakes 514 East 162nd Street South Holland, IL, (708) 589-4601.
Eat Moore Cakes Specializes in custom made–to-order designer cakes for all occasions. Many of their customers also request cakes that they can not find in stores, for instance their famous Pink champagne cake or a gum drop cake. Eat Moore Cakes has  24-hour online ordering and quick email response that make it easy to place an order for a special cake without ever stepping a foot out the house. For those individuals that desire, they also offer cake sampling in their store by appointment. Eat Moore Cakes– 937 S Hamilton Lockport, IL, Call 888-713-2176.

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Author Toure Muhammad is the head bean, publisher and chief strategist of Bean Soup Times. The Morehouse graduate has written front page cover stories for The Final Call and N’digo. He has been featured in the Chicago Reader, Upscale magazine, rolling out newspaper, and N’Digo magapaper. He’s been featured on Tavis Smiley’s radio show on NPR, on Chicago’s WBEZ (Chicago public radio), and many other radio shows.

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