Former Enforcer for Larry Hoover and Gangster Disciples Pens Autobiography

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Wallace “Gator” Bradley, the urban translator, is a living legend who has gone from living in a Illinois Department of Corrections prison to visiting the White House to discuss curbing urban violence with then U.S. President Bill Clinton. 

Bradley, the activist and entrepreneur, with the help of Dr. SaFiya D. Hoskins, has written an autobiography that details his remarkable life. His book, Murder to Excellence: Growth & Development for the Millennial Generation has a foreword from Dr. Cornel West and endorsements from notable people such as Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., Rhymefest, Rev. Al Sharpton, Congressman Maxine Waters, and Lupe Fiasco.

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In an exclusive Bean Soup Times interview, Gator discusses his life, how former Death Row inmate Arron Patterson helped him launch a career as an urban translator, and why he’s supporting Mayor Rahm Emanuel for re-election this month.

Having witnessed and chronicled many of the newsworthy items he details in his book, this reporter appreciates his truthful approach to recounting various events. Additionally, he offers insight into his decision making process that reveals his integrity and loyalty.

During Black History Month, take time to listen to this interview and purchase his book

Harlan Globetrotters

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Author Toure Muhammad is the head bean, publisher and chief strategist of Bean Soup Times. The Morehouse graduate has written front page cover stories for The Final Call and N’digo. He has been featured in the Chicago Reader, Upscale magazine, rolling out newspaper, and N’Digo magapaper. He’s been featured on Tavis Smiley’s radio show on NPR, on Chicago’s WBEZ (Chicago public radio), and many other radio shows.

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Harlan Globetrotters
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