Former Maverick Jamal Mashburn, More Successful Off the Court

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Jamal Mashburn

 “While honing my basketball skills as a boy, I also aspired to one day become a successful businessman who carried a briefcase to work. I made my first real business decision at the age of 10,” says retired NBA star Jamal Mashburn on his website. 

Jamal Mashburn is known for putting in work on the hardwood with the Kentucky Wildcats, Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat and the New Orleans Hornets. He was a prolific scorer throughout his NBA career, garnering a total of 11,644 points, 3,271 rebounds and 2,414 assists for the duration of 12 seasons. But underneath the jersey and phenomenal athletic ability of the 6 ft. 8 in. hoopster is his aspiration to be a successful entrepreneur. Mashburn has unequivocally accomplished exactly that.

Now retired, Mashburn is no rookie in the business world. He  has ownership interest in 38 Outback Steakhouse restaurants, 40 Papa John’s pizza restaurants, and three Dunkin Donuts. He also has ownership interest in Kentucky’s Toyota on Nicholasville and the Lexus Store of Lexington, ownership in real estate and even the horse race industry.

Nowadays retired and injured NBA stars are notorious for going broke following their successful and multi-millionaire careers, because they have little to no knowledge of financial management. Mashburn has beaten those odds, following in the footsteps of notable buisnessman and baseball legend, Jackie Robinson. During his interview with, he stated:

“As an entrepreneur it was Jackie Robinson’s mental fortitude, emotional preparation and strength that I kept top of mind when I transitioned from sports into business and those same core values continue to drive my globally diverse enterprise today.”

And Mashburn is not selfish when it comes to sharing his financial intellect and genius with others.  Throughout the years, numerous athletes and teammates have always asked him to invest into their business ventures. Dissatisfied with being unprepared to do so, Mashburn teamed up with  National Football League offensive tackle, Winston Justice, and created Justice Mashburn Capital Partners. The Florida-based firm is a venture capital firm that invests in high-tech start-ups.

The intelligent visionary and philanthropist has ultimately recreated himself by simply using the same motivation and tactic skills found in his athleticism, and  applied it towards his daily core values of life. Talk about not putting all your eggs in one basket…

Follow Jamal on Twitter, Facebook and visit his webpage,, to read more about his success story and other contributions.

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