Chicago Restaurant Infamous for Homemade Buttered Biscuits and Gravy

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Homemade Buttered Biscuits

Located at 5431 S Wabash Ave., this humble south side eatery is more than your average soul food restaurant. Ms. Biscuit is known for its savory biscuits and sausage gravy, hash browns, pancakes and grits.The traditional restaurant also serves hand-packed ice cream, shakes and smoothies, as well as french toast and t-bone steak  breakfast and dinner specials and skillets. Ms. Biscuit was established in 1974 by Bob and Juanita Johnson, with the original name being “Bob and Juanita’s Restaurant”; however, that name changed after customers tasted Bob’s biscuits. But Mr. Biscuit is Ms. Biscuit, as the two are truly became one in the same, following the death of Bob in 1984.

But what’s the secret behind the  rich taste that keeps folks coming back? According to Ms. Biscuit during an interview with the Tribune, the secret is yeast and baking soda. Of course man can’t live off of bread alone, but the people may not be able to resist when it comes to Ms. Biscuit.

For more information about weekend service hours and menu specials, please call the Ms. Biscuit restaurant at (773) 266-8088.

Store Hours:
Monday- Friday: 5 a.m.- 6 p.m.




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