Kenwood’s Band Needs Your Help

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Kenwood has a tradition of having an outstanding band, and the need your help, as well as the community.

Spearheaded by Radirah Muhammad, Kenwood’s band is holding a fundraiser to get new instruments, repair old instruments, uniforms, and sheet music. The fundraiser was created due to financial constraints which caused the school district to cut the budget for the arts. This leads to many schools meeting financial needs through band fees and fund raising.

Despite the lack of adequate funding, our program which includes: Beginning, Concert, Marching and Jazz bands, has been able to perform at a high level. Recently, the Jazz Band has been invited to perform at the renowned Chicago Jazz Festival for the ninth consecutive year.

So, putting things into perspective, this program has accomplished all that it has with inferior, outdated and dilapidated equipment. Approximately 90% of the students in this program utilize a school instrument, because they cannot afford their own. You will receive a thank you email and a receipt for your gift.

Please spread the word about this fundraiser by sharing it with friends through Email, Text Message, Facebook and Twitter. These young performers have been working hard to properly represent this great school and community, and your generosity goes a long way in ensuring they have the best possible high school music experience. Any support is greatly appreciated!




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