Are Low Income Residents Being Hoodwinked…Again?

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Will Illinois Black & Latino elected officials support electricity rate increases on the most vulnerable?

In an effort to keep their lights on, several Illinois low income residents and community groups have protested Exelon and Comed’s SB 2814 on the North & South sides of Chicago. Community groups and elected officials will gather in the state’s capital located in Springfield, Illinois over the next three weeks December 14th- 30th to hear testimony and vote NO or YES on the proposed energy legislation.

Currently, many Illinois taxpayers say they are struggling with increased water fees and real-estate taxes in the city of Chicago; while also stating, “Any additional cost would be devastating to their households”. Legislation being brought to the Illinois legislature this veto secession is called SB 2814, was sponsored and supported by majority of Illinois Black Cacus Members and Latino legislators. The Illinois Attorney General Office estimates, rate increases could cost Illinois residents $6.2 Billion dollars!

Community and business experts joined Michael Thomas, host of “The GreenPreneur Show” to share their thoughts and frustrations about SB 2814, which they referred to as the “BAIL OUT” package and “The So Called Jobs Bill.”

Click link for more information about SB 2814 Amendment 2 “The Future Energy Jobs Bill”.

Listen to the 24/7 pod cast as they discuss and voice their opposition to proposed SB1585.

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