Majestic Transportation: Young, Black Entrepreneur Displays Relentless Grind

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Khalid Muhammad is a young hard working, and innovative entrepreneur. His unique, heartfelt story and the up and coming successful rise of his vastly growing standout “Majestic Transportation” business based in Beverly Hills, Ca with satellite offices in Las Vegas and Atlanta is very inspiring and makes for great reading.

I have been blessed to know Khalid for over 15 years and he is another example of through ALMIGHTY “GOD”, Prayer, Faith, Hard work, and a relentless grind that if you can visualize it then you can achieve it no matter the obstacles and odds. So I’m saying to all of my family, friends, colleagues, industry and business connects whenever your on the west coast especially L.A. and Las Vegas call up Majestic Transportation Service and let their 5 Star V.I.P. Service and Experience make your stay a lot more comfortable and stress free. Stay Tuned!!!

What are your thoughts on the recent election and the fall out sir?
First let me say thank you to this wonderful publication for extending an invitation to me for this interview, I am deeply honored to share a few moments with your reading audience. I do not know Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton to have an opinion on either of them personally. I respect the Office of The President of the United States Of America and I believe the American People spoke very loud and clear.

Talk to us about Majestic Transportation.

I would have to say to see my vision birth into a physical reality. A vision that was backed solely with my Faith in God and myself. I can’t lie and say I didn’t see myself owning a successful company 100% with no partners, because I did see that I just didn’t know how to go about doing it but evidently God knew and by that I’m extremely humbled by the amount of success that I have experienced within the last year and a half.

What’s your insight into Black business development and community development?

I would certainly like to see much much much more black businesses developed that could offer to the world the various goods and services that we had as human beings use on a day-to-day basis. I believe that start first with financial literacy which is something that needs to be learned and taught within the black community at a quicker pace than what is being offered now. Many black communities are served their goods and services by various other people which there’s nothing wrong, however. It’s only natural to want to be self-sufficient especially for your most basic necessities. I would like to see us in the black community become so business minded and financially literate that we can go physically and set up international trade and commerce with various other businesses and countries successfully. Before any of that can be done the black community must address the real issue of the lack of trust within our own community, once we can get over that issue then we can successfully pool our resources and do something for our self or suffer the consequences as a very great man once said.

What are your views on the current state of Black leadership?

To be very honest I believe that we have many great leaders within the black community however we have to stop thinking just black because we are not the only ones that are suffering in the world. We have to evolve into a universal humanitarian thought pattern. Since black is not a color but it’s the origin of color we have to take our position as leaders and address the various social, economical, political, healthcare, a humanitarian issues that not only affect the black community disproportionately but that affect every community first in the United States of America and then abroad. That initiative can be started and worked on by going door to door, block by block to build relationships with those who we live right next-door to and do business with.

Talk to us about Majestic Transportation services, objectives, and goals.

To establish an elite level of chauffeured car service globally recognized and respected. Our primary office is in Beverly Hills, California and we just opened up a satellite location in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 16. We intend to open up offices in Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Washington DC, New York City, and London. We want to build a brand that represents opulence to the best in civilized society.

We offer chauffeured car service to most events and locations. We do not use any stretched vehicles, like Limos. Our fleet consist of luxury sedans, SUVs and custom Mercedes sprinter vans to service all of our clients. Our primary level of clientele is the corporate business class along with a few entertainers. Our biggest supporter in the beginning stages of the company is the great Actress and Vocalist Ms. Tichina Arnold aka Pam from the classic TV Show Martin. I initiated my business relationship with her and her Sister Zenay Arnold utilizing Twitter. She has utilized us very frequently since November 2015. Due to our confidentiality policy we cannot disclose any other clients that we serve. However, I can say we have given service to Wells Fargo Bank Executives, Bank of America Executives, Universal Pictures Executives and DLMUS, LLC. We sincerely thank everyone who has utilized our services and we look forward to serving you better in 2017.
We are THE premier luxury chauffeured car service in Southern California area. Let’s be clear, not the black one but THE PREMIER Company among ALL other companies. Please do not categorize us by color but by our level of service.

Who was and who is currently the most influential person in your life
My Father and Mother (Larry and Barbara) were both successful attorneys with their own private practice and our hometown in New York City and as a young child growing up I watched them in their struggles of owning your own business as well as the many great successes and benefits of owning your own business another child I saw that as being very inspirational to me that one day I could do the same. I never did well with jobs even when I worked as a New York City paramedic, I loved the job and the work I did for 9 years but I just always hated having a boss to report in to. That never really worked out too well for me. So being under someone prepared me to be over someone without being a tyrant.

The most influential person in my life now is split between two people; my 4 year old son Ali and my extended family keep me motivated to keep growing not only in business but as a Man and Father. Lastly Minister Farrakhan has taught me so much from his words of wisdom but more from his perfected living example. Many people may disagree with his religious theology or philosophy however I have to respect a man that has remained consistent on his position for over 60 years, that has never lowered himself in his integrity, discipline and respect for all of those who oppose him. I know when people oppose me I become defensive immediately, however I’m now trying to follow his example on how to handle opposition and difficulty.
Khalid, what’s your take on the current state of black music?

Like all genres of music prior to now everything evolves from stage after stage until it reaches its eventual perfection for the time that the music is relevant for. Hip-hop in 2016 is not like the Hip Hop in the 1980s because these are two different time periods. Today’s state of hip-hop is a reflection of the current state of mind of society and what is accepted. Twenty years from now that state of hip-hop will be much different then now in 2016. Where there is pain there is growth and surely we’ve seen much growth and development in hip-hop as an artistic expression. I personally like a lot of our new artists but to be honest I’m more of a R&B and Classical music person.

By Black Music do you mean Hip Hop ? If so then I would have to say it is only a reflection of the current condition of the Black community as a whole.
It’s a mirror for anybody humane enough to look in to it, that may want to accept the responsibility to aid a socially, economically and educationally broken community in the redemption process.
Thanks my brother for the enlightening words and dialogue shared and we wish you much continued success!!!

Thank you for these questions, They were very thought provoking and I hope I answered your questions satisfactory. Your audience can follow us on [email protected] MajesticTransportation1

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