13 Tips For Millennial Banking That Could Be Better Than a 401K

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Millennial Banking

Having access to the education and tools needed to successfully manage finances and generate income, use to be reserved for the ‘select few’ who rarely shared their secrets. However, things have rapidly changed. This is due to the advancements that have come with technology in the internet revolution and the financial evolution. This movement changed society, social structure, and the way the African American millennial generation makes, spends and saves their money.

As Founder and CEO of Millennial Banking Concept, Steven LaBroi said, “It is an empowering and educational concept that addresses the challenges this new generation faces, (Money!) in our ever-evolving, technological age”. Stevens based his program, Human Equity Line of Credit(TM), on 100-year old traditional strategies, 50-year old money management strategies, 30 years of personal experience and education, along with alternative thought strategies designed for business owners, organizations, churches, families and individuals.

Whether struggling with more bills than pay, working to maintain/develop a good credit score, thriving with more income than ever, or considering plans for retirement, The Human Equity Line of Credit(TM) can be applied on any income and is based on, bringing to fruition, these 13 essential benefits:

1. Personally become the collateral for personal and business financial needs
2. Build guaranteed savings, towards current and future spending
3. Build assets with access and ability to take control immediately
4. Never worry about financing for personal or business needs again
5. Keep all compound interest growing, even while using personal funds
6. Reap the benefits of Tax Free Use, and Tax Free Growth of funds
7. Eliminate need for always paying interest to banks, via credit cards/loans/debt
8. Eliminate all debt, including student loans and mortgages, with planned deadlines
9. Manage Personal and Business affairs with ease in ANY economy
10. Enhance/guarantee: retirement benefits that will not affect current 401k or Social Security
11. Personally become THE Bank!
12. Help college alumni, employees, church members, and family learn these skills
13. The Human Equity Line of Credit(TM) can be passed to children and grandchildren

Millennial Banking Concept has made learning these strategies simple, by delivering the information that makes all of the above a reality, via: webinars, seminars and face-to-face meetings, providing support every step of the way, to help ensure financial success! This makes it possible, despite the demands and constraints of a busy life, to learn these skills on a tight schedule, when it’s convenient.

With over 30 years of professional experience in different industry, Founder and CEO, Steven LaBroi is compelled to share his knowledge, in order to help others succeed. His experience in: manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, franchising and the film industry, allows him to offer tried and true, solid methods for financial success. Mr. LaBroi has educated his talent, earning him a BA in Finance and Banking, from prestigious, Morehouse College. He’s sharpened his skills and abilities, by serving as Managing Director and Chief Strategist of The LaBroi Insurance Group LLC, an independent financial strategy firm that specialized in empowering individuals, families and businesses, through education and consultation.

For more details, visit www.millennialbankingconcept.org

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