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Bead D’ Beads Cultural Jewelry is now available at Afriware Books

updated March 27

Bead D’ Beads Jewelry brings something unique and different to consumers with a new line of handcrafted, beaded jewelry for the natural, bohemian, earthy, bold and powerful woman, as well as masculine pieces for men and a cute line of affordable pieces for children.

“We stand by our quality and make sure we aim to please,” said Kimberly Duncan (Ellis), designer and owner of Bead D’ Beads Jewelry which launched in 2013 online. “I have always had a motivation to help people, to heal people. I wanted to be able to use my gifts as a designer to bring confidence, self-love and self-awareness of inner beauty and with my pieces showing outer beauty is one aspect, but if you don’t feel good about yourself on the inside, no amount of beauty accessories or cosmetics can ever heal that feeling.”

Bead D’ Beads Jewelry specializes in one of a kind jewelry. Duncan takes pride in making every piece from the heart and she recently launched a new collection: The Zodiac/Astrology Spiritual Alignment (Healing) Collection, essentially made for those who are into healing stones such as hag stones, magnetic and an assortment of African and Cultural beads.

Like many business owners, her path began while working for someone else. “My business interest actually started in 1996, I was working in Corporate America, and I would do side hustles or hobbies, so I got turned on to making handcrafted jewelry from a co-worker, I started practicing making pieces and it was very therapeutic. It was healing for me, I would wear my pieces and people would ask me where did I buy it, and I said I made it and from there, people started asking me to make them jewelry, I would even give my pieces away for gifts, it seemed to uplift people, make them feel good about themselves,” said Duncan.

“I would add a CD of various songs to motivate them and from there that’s when the bug hit me to become an entrepreneur to heal people. That came from becoming an activist in 1997, working in the community and doing volunteer work over the years. I still continue to do that. My mother designer Floretta helped me tap into my creativity, she joined me in the business and we are a great team.”

Bead D’ Beads Jewelry is headquartered in Chicago.  Call 708-781-6198. Visit their website at Bead D’ Beads Jewelry. Bead D’ Beads Jewelry is now available at Afriware Books

Designer & Owner Kimberly Zenobia Duncan. Her mom, Floretta Duncan, the other half of the team is not pictured.

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