New Era Chicago Shuts Down Phone Store Accused of Abusing Young Man

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With serious statement actions, New Era Chicago formed to bring unity in the Black community. They have lead demonstrations geared about empowering Black residents to buy, build, invest in the communities that they live in.

The video, going viral on Facebook, chronicles the definitive action taken after a Maruwa Ferrell, president of the Universal Negro Improvement Association-ACL 401, founded by the Honorable Marcus Garvey, revealed that his son was assaulted by four Black males at the request of a store owner in Chicago’s Woodlawn community.

According to New Era Chicago’s Facebook page:

#MetroPCS on 6317 S. Cottage Grove, its manager “Chris” and owner Aldemone Odish of Glenview, IL are being put on notice. The Black Community will not tolerate ANY person committing acts of violence against one of our own, to include foreigners and outsiders who open businesses in areas they’d NEVER live in nor support— OURS.

NEC urges the community to join them “everyday as we deliver a consequence to this MetroPCS for carrying out an act of senseless violence against an innocent Black man.”

“A community is not one without U-N-I-T-Y. New Era Chicago (NEC) is committed to uniting our race with tactics never before used.

“We are dedicated to eliminating the separation between the Black older and younger generations, Black-owned businesses and Black consumers, and Blacks of different religious groups,” states their website.

Chanting “All power to the people” and “Black Power, Black Unity and Race First,” the demonstrators put the owner on notice that abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

For more information about New Era Chicago, visit here.

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