How One Viral Post Made a Black Man’s Business Flourish

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A Black man has gone viral, being seen knitting on an NYC subway train. This was so impressive and unusual that one woman took a photo of him and shared it on social media. It turns out that the man, Louis Boria, is the founder of Brooklyn Boy Knits. His story has since gone viral, and his sales have exploded.

Louis started knitting as a way to save him from boredom while traveling to and from work for two hours a day. After mastering the craft, he launched Brooklyn Boy Knits in 2009.

While he enjoyed the craft and used it to make scarves for the homeless and for disaster victims, the craft did not really turn into a full-time business. However, that changed after his story went viral and due to the power of social media.

As of today, Louis is overwhelmed with the order requests he’s getting for hand-made scarfs, sweaters, hats, baby clothes, and other items he creates.

“For the first time in 10 years, I have pending orders,” he told the New York Daily News. He’s had to hire two employees to help him keep up with the orders.

What began as sharing a photo that warmed the hearts of women turned into a big business boost for Louis. He says that he is very grateful to the woman who shared his photo on Facebook and is giving her the scarf he was knitting when she spotted him on the subway.

For more details about Louis Boria or Brooklyn Boy Knits, visit or follow him on Facebook.

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