“Politically Oppressed” Unkutt (Donald Trump, Hip Hop and The Black Community)

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This is a candid one on one interview with Nation Conscious Street Rapper “POLITICALLY OPPRESSED” whose classic debut “Dark Shadows” mix tape kept the streets buzzing summers 2014 and 2015. He’s currently working overtime on his follow up mix tape “DRAPETOMANIA” set to drop New Years and his official debut album set to drop spring 2017. P.O. has a unique insight into the presidential election, the state of hip hop, and the black community.

BST : What was your initial reaction when you heard or seen that Donald Trump had won the presidential election?

P.O. : I was on the road with my family and I checked online and saw that Trump had really won, I was shocked, I felt like we were all being punk’d like this was all surreal a big, big joke. It was crazy very unbelievable, it’s still somewhat unbelievable. Trump president, everyone that went to sleep under Obama and they thinking that Clinton was going to automatically win better wake up and understand the times we’re living in and about to be faced with. It’s definitely time to get right with “GOD”, with you’re families, you’re community and really unify. Unity is key it’s our strength. I don’t think the masses fully understand the dynamics of what truly just took place. Look at the protests and unrest in certain cities as a result of Trump winning. It’s clear that the country is in shock right now. We’re in the midst of some very dark days ahead. The country is truly divided, at the end of the day people should really listen to The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan!!!

BST : Hip hop is in a very critical state right now especially as it relates to quality music, quality concepts and content, an overabundance of a lack of talent and artists so weak when it comes to social commentary and community action. 

P.O. : I’m disappointed in several major/ high profile hip hop artists as it relates to addressing the many ills of our communities mainly police brutality and racism. I stand on every word in my lyrics in my songs, I’m true to this my name says it all. I take this music and my craft very serious and I vow to never misuse it. I speak the language that they understand and can relate to without dumbing down myself. I strongly feel that more artists should be more creative and put out better quality music but at the same time we can’t expect these young trapsters and trap rappers to educate the masses on social and racial injustice. No, those of us in this industry that are on the front line of that fight and speaking for the voiceless have to double down and up our efforts to give our audiences what they need and been starving for. Let them do what they do and let’s do what we do best and that’s educate and entertain the masses through unapologetic raw truth. Yes a lot of the buffoonery and cooning in hip hop needs to stop but we have much bigger issues and concerns plaguing us as a whole that needs to be addressed. I’m in this industry to help make a change and to educate through my music, lectures, and live performances however I can. POLITICALLY OPPRESSED and WE GOT NOW are brands. We’re building brands while remaining conscious and street, many call my music street-gospel through out the various communities where I do community outreach and development.   

BST. : What is your’re perspective on the state of the youth, injustice and the black community?

P.O. : I think we have to unify and all communities north,south,east and west must unite and govern our own neighborhoods. We must police our own communities and you’ll watch crime began to drop drastically in those areas. 10,000 Fearless is a highly successful model and blueprint for that. We’re making a serious difference in many cities and states and its going largely  unreported. I’m out their first hand in Atlanta and Phoenix so I see the difference it’s having on the community and on the people in general. This generation has to wake up and realize the times we’re living in bottom line. We have to continue to move forward as a community but more so as a people. As youth right now it’s our time, it’s our moment in history to really make a monumental impact helping all oppressed people everywhere.https://soundcloud.com/politically-oppressed

BST. : Let the people know whats next for P.O.

P.O. : I’m putting the finishing touches on “DRAPETOMANIA” my upcoming mix tape and follow up to “Dark Shadows” along with a speaking tour and live performance tour and I’m working on my official debut album set to drop next spring. I’m always doing community work and in the hood helping my fellow brothers and sisters. I will be unleashing our clothing line on the world at the beginning of the year and we got so many ventures we’re involved in that will be on full display in 2017 (GOD-Willing). We’re shaking some things up in 2017 with this new music and campaign unlike anything being done in the industry right now. So to all my people and loyal supporters they’re definitely going to want a front row seat to whats next from POLITICALLY OPPRESSED, We Got Now, and the Global Star Entertainment Group Team.

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