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The BABE’S Guide to Winning in the Workplace is an essential manual for millennial women entering the workforce because it both outlines some of the challenges they may face as women in the workplace and provides them the tools to empower themselves to succeed in working life.

“This book provides tools for navigating the workplace to the beautiful, ambitious, brilliant, and excellent woman who wants to thrive in their careers without compromising their morals, values and integrity,”  explained attorney M. Reese Everson.

The BABE’S is authored by M. Reese Everson, a native of Detroit, who upon graduating from Michigan State University’s James Madison College of Public Affairs in just three short years went on to attend law school and graduated in just two years.

Upon passing the Illinois Bar Exam, she followed her passion of serving people by opening her law practice downtown Chicago. After two years of practicing she was called to take her service to the next level by adding policy to the mix. She then moved to Washington, D.C. to work for a Member of Congress and a Congressional Committee as a staffer, handling all matters judiciary, immigration, and higher education.

Now she has returned to her first love of serving her clients as an attorney and political advocate, and giving back by creating an initiative to help young women like herself. Reese’s secret to success is her believe that she can have whatever she creates, and that she can create whatever her mind imagines.

In the book, Attorney Reese shares her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated work culture and how she learned to stand up for her self, and hopes to encourage and educate readers who may be facing similar situations, from gender discrimination to sexual harassment.

Using the examples of twelve beautiful, ambitious, and brilliant women of excellence, the book takes readers through their journeys and the important life lessons that can be learned from the challenges that they faced, as well as practical applications of these lessons to modern, everyday life.

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