Walgreens Expressions Challenge Honored Seven Chicago Area Students for Their Artistic Expression on Teen Issues

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The annual contest provides teens with a creative outlet to discuss healthy lifestyle choices

Walgreens honored seven Chicago area high school students for using their talents in creative writing, visual arts and multimedia to voice their perspectives on challenges teens face as part of the 2016 Walgreens Expressions Challenge.

The Expressions Challenge is a creative contest for high school students in the Chicago and St. Louis area sponsored by Walgreens.  From October 1 through November 30, more than 2,000 teens submitted entries in the form of creative writing, visual arts or multimedia expressing their perspective on topics that affect their peer group while attempting to help other teens make healthy decisions for their future.

The first place winners from the challenge were:

  • Creative Writing: Ketandu Chiedu from Walter Payton College Prep
  • Multimedia: Patricia Frazier and Natalie Ayala from Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep
  • Visual Arts: Javier Gutierrez from Reavis High School.

The second place winners were:

  • Creative Writing: Jessica Foster from Percy L. Julian High School
  • Multimedia: Gabrielle Barrett from AALC,
  • Visual Arts: Kyle Reese from Thornton Fractional South High School

The first place winners received $2,000, and the second place honorees took home $1,250.  The recipients noted that they would use their prize money to help pay for college tuition and expenses, prom, developing their project further, and supporting family members.

About Walgreens Expressions Challenge

The Walgreens Expressions Challenge is a peer-to-peer based “healthy choice” awareness initiative for high school teens age 14-18. At the core of the Expressions Challenge is an incentive-based contest for teens to showcase their creative perspective on healthy lifestyle choices. The Challenge motivates participants to voice their opinion on critical life issues they face daily through creative writing, visual arts, and media arts. The Expressions Contest runs October 1 through November 30 in the Chicago and St. Louis areas. To learn more about the challenge and to view the student submissions, visit ExpressionsChallenge.com.

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