Trump Thumps Clinton, Obama and Media

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Just like the KKK rose in response to Reconstruction, Donald J. Trump, president elect has defeated Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama and mainstream media.

A reporter at Slate said it well: Donald Trump’s strong showing echoes the wave of “angry, recalcitrant whites” who “pushed back” during Reconstruction after the Civil War, Jamelle Bouie, chief political correspondent at Slate, said on CBS.

“What happened after Reconstruction was angry, recalcitrant whites pushed back. They retook their governments through force, through violence, and we had Redemption, and it lasted up until the 20th century,” Bouie said.

According to Georgia Encyclopedia: From 1868 through the early 1870s the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) functioned as a loosely organized group of political and social terrorists. The Klan’s goals included the political defeat of the Republican Party and the maintenance of absolute white supremacy in response to newly gained civil and political rights by southern blacks after the Civil War (1861-65). They were more successful in achieving their political goals than they were with their social goals during the Reconstruction era.

The question for Black America is simple: Will we unite and accept responsibility for making our communities a decent and safe place to live or will we be hoping that a benevolent person gets into the White House again and save us and our communities?

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Toure Muhammad

Author Toure Muhammad is the head bean, publisher and chief strategist of Bean Soup Times. The Morehouse graduate has written front page cover stories for The Final Call and N’digo. He has been featured in the Chicago Reader, Upscale magazine, rolling out newspaper, and N’Digo magapaper. He’s been featured on Tavis Smiley’s radio show on NPR, on Chicago’s WBEZ (Chicago public radio), and many other radio shows.

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