Does Video Footage Show Police Unit Setting Fires in Ferguson?

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The protesters in Ferguson have been referred to or at least portrayed as violent, animals, thugs, weed-heads and instigators following the grand jury’s announcement that Darren Wilson will not be indicted for the shooting death of Mike Brown. In the media and even in everyday speculation from onlookers, protesters have been blamed for the destruction of their very own communities and various businesses. Although that is true to a certain extent, could it be that uniformed officials are the key arsonists?

The video below was posted by an InfoWars article called Raw Courage: Papa John’s Female Manager Defends Store From Looters With Bare Hands, which features a compilation of footage captured on the night after the grand jury’s announcement. At about 3:14 minutes in the video,  it appears to show para-military police allegedly setting fire to a vehicle that is parked next to an Advanced Auto Parts Store in Ferguson, Missouri.

The police appear to have the area locked down, with no protesters nearby. The Advanced Auto Pats store was one of several stores that were burned down on W. Florissant Ave., which is where many of the protests took place back in August. If it is reported that organizers in Ferguson trained about 600 people in nonviolent civil disobedience tactics, which we have seen, why did it take emergency response teams so long to extinguish fires on W. Florissant, compared to fires that occurred in other areas? In addition to that, some have suggested that officials allowed Ferguson to burn while they protected areas of the town containing higher proportions of white residents.


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